5 celebs who look for love online… You may be surprised!

Celebrities seem to have it all – fame, money, prestige and an enviable social life. But even celebs can have it tough when it comes to matters of the heart. And like many of us, some of them have taken to online dating in their quest for love.

While she is now happily settled with b…


Our Top Five Online Dating Profile Pictures You Should Look to Avoid

As a denizen of the online dating world, it’s inevitable that we have seen it all. Our time in the trenches of Adults.co.uk has allowed us to witness some of the silliest and most cliched dating profile pictures. We share them here, in no particular order, as a cautionary tale to…


Perfect Dates for the Whole Family

In a world where split families are the norm, in terms of dating, don’t be surprised if your date needs to bring their children along with them. If they only have their children for a few days a week, they may not have any other option so be patient and consider what activities you could do al…


Failsafe Date Conversation Starters

Messaging a potential date online is drastically different to trying to find suitable chatting topics whilst sat opposite them in a busy bar or restaurant. This is why we’re here to point you in the right direction. These aren’t exclusive to first dates, so store them in your head for those awk…


Why Are We The Fastest Growing Online Dating Site In The UK?

A short decade ago, online dating was something that ‘sad’ people did: losers who did not get out much and did not make a great impression when they did. Now, the story is very different with one in five of all couples (that is twenty per cent!) having met online; and that is only heterosexual co…


10 Cool Date Locations in Manchester

City dating can sometimes be intimidating, especially dating in Manchester. Not only do you have to worry about where to meet someone and whether they’re right for you but you also have to take them on dates that wow. For those of you nestled in the northern gem that is Manchester, this post s…


How to Clarify your Priorities in a Partner

Finding a life partner or even something shorter term, is always daunting.  Although love is supposed to sweep us off our feet, like in romantic films, this is not usually the case due to the speed and stress of modern life. This is why, treating your relationship hunt like a task you would …


Perfect Date Ideas

After a lengthy period of online dating and searching for someone that doesn’t look twenty years younger in their profile photo to in real life deciding on a date for someone that seems to have real potential is a daunting task. The classic cinema and a meal or drinks are fine, but that’s all it …


Five Signs You’re Ready to Date

Coming out of a long term relationship is hard. At times it can feel like you’ll never get over your past love, but with time the smoke clears and you emerge feeling lighter, brighter and ready to move on. However, many new daters worry about whether or not they’re ready to take the plunge back i…


Mixed Race Dating Advice

Mixed race people are now more accepted in society mostly thanks to celebrities such as Jessica Ennis and Halle Berry.  It is a shame however that race issues continue to occur in the modern world and that the only way these seem to disappear is by those famous individuals speaking out. Many of …



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